UK Industrial Grade PC Cards

Welcome to the premier site of Industrial Flash products in the UK. With the advent of BENAND flash, companies now have a variety of SLC, Single Level Cell, products to choose from. Including the New Standard Cfast. Though Cfast has the same form factor as Compactflash, it uses a SATA interface for faster transfer of data. So upgrading to Cfast is not as easy as plugging in a new card.

This is true for all flash products. As capacities grow existing firmware struggles to keep up. So here at PCcardsDirect-UK we specialize in matching your current needs with those products in the existing market. For example, we still offer a 16MB PCMCIA ATA flash cards. Yes, you are correct 16MB, we have a 16GB as well if you were curious. The small 16MB is ideal for older legacy equipment not capable of addressing the new controllers in new high capacity cards.

Whether you are designing for a new project, sourcing parts for old equipment, or just looking for existing replacement parts, PCcardsDirect-UK is your destination. Use our contact form and send us a list of your current needs or any questions you may have.

Electronic assembly plants using solid state embedded flash should consider mSATA. Using our advanced wear leveling algorithms this embedded solution is proven.

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